Love notes from some of my sweet clients:


“When I first started working with Megan, I was unsure of what to expect. I had never worked with a Life Coach before. Just after the first session, I believe my idea of Megan was this: She’s a wholehearted woman. Furthermore, she is entirely devoted to the process of self development. She has this gift that allows her to help others on their pursuit of happiness. She is extremely strong, committed, and reliable. She knows what she wants, and she doesn’t let anyone or anything stand in the way. At the same time, she is conscious and aware and courteous of others. She knows her boundaries, and let’s them be known when necessary. She is everything I’ve been yearning to become- I just never knew it. Working with her has SHOWED me, and I’m extremely grateful for her and our experience. I knew the work would be hard, but the encouragement I get from Megan makes all the difference. I have never been so inspired to push through those hard times, and the reward on the other side has been completely life changing. To me, this journey would not be possible without her. I’m easily able to run through daily tasks that used to baffle me. I didn’t know where to begin. Megan helped simplify the process to me in a way that I understood and that seemed possible. I’m now able to handle most life situations that are thrown at me with grace. This experience has had it’s highs and lows, for sure, but I am forever thankful that I took the leap into the unknown, and I look forward to the benefits that have yet to be revealed.”

Entrepreneur, Richmond, VA


“Working with Megan for self-care sessions has been nothing but amazing. Megan helped me to see the importance of embracing self-care strategies within my business in order to refuel my mind, body, and soul. Megan led me through a series of self-care sessions that opened the door to learning, loving and listening to myself again without judgment.  She gingerly nudged me in the direction of success and allowed me to explore my own self-care opportunities.

For the last nine years, I’ve worked long hours and traveled to various clients to help them build their businesses. I‘ve been in this routine for some time that I didn’t even realize that I was exhausted, and a little burnt out from the “JOB” I created within “my business”.  Megan helped me to realize that I needed to say “No” to everyone else and “YES” to myself.  My life depended on self-care in order to grow again.  I had so much fun working with Megan, and I would highly recommend her to individuals looking to learn to be braver and more loving to themselves. Thanks!”

Business Consultant, New York, NY