Hey there!

I’m Megan. Thank you for being here.


The short version::

I’m a wife, teacher, writer, healer, & coach . I’m a spiritual seeker who isn’t afraid to talk about finances. I strongly feel that nutrition and your relationship with your family are just as important to your spiritual growth as meditation and prayer. I believe that every aspect of your life, from physical health to emotional healing to relationships to financial wellbeing, plays a part in your spiritual & personal development. I’m obsessed with reading books (like reallyyy), practicing soul nourishing self-care, bringing women together, trying new things, creating, traveling, and keepin’ it real. I have a BA in Psychology and studied Mindfulness Studies in graduate school. I’m also a yoga teacher certified in the Kundalini & Ashtanga traditions. I have a deep love for trees & the moon, and I’m happily married to a hot accountant.


The really long version::

Where to begin…

I grew up playing soccer on an all girls’ team, killin’ it on my Nintendo 64, and reenacting Baywatch with my sister in our pool. My childhood was equal parts ordinary and behind-the-scenes volatile. By the time I entered high school, the lid on my crammed full box of messy divorces & crippling trauma began to burst open. Unable to deal with the pain and intensity of my emotions, I did the only socially acceptable thing I knew to do at the time… I started drinking. A lot. And doing drugs. I’d try almost anything I could get my hands on. That “false light” provided comfort and endless opportunities to escape. I quickly spiraled out of control, turning up the volume on my wild-child lifestyle for the next 7 years. I was on blood pressure medicine by age 19 because my blood pressure had skyrocketed to stroke level. I eventually became deeply depressed as my behavior and actions started to catch up with me.

There came a point when God or the Universe or _____ (insert preferred label), reached down and held out a helping hand. I wised up and started to crawl my way out. I was graciously gifted a second chance. As I searched for healthier outlets & a new, supportive community, I stumbled into the world of yoga & meditation. I gradually formed new friendships; I cleaned up my diet; and I tackled the dirty work of facing fears, past events, family issues, and the uncertainty I felt about my future. In short, I decided that I mattered and I was worth saving. This did not happen over night. When you’ve grown accustomed to numbing your feelings year after year and then you suddenly begin to feel things again, it’s both liberating & overwhelming. Some days I didn’t know if I would make it through, but divine guidance was always quietly operating in the background.

I signed up for Kundalini yoga teacher training and watched as my entire life transformed before my eyes. Shortly after, I began teaching this amazing practice that had given me my life back. During this time, I also received my Bachelor’s in Psychology. I was movin’ and groovin’ and kickin’ ass at life. I was finally feeling a spark of hope & joy. My romantic relationship at the time seemed to support my personal development. Everything was peachy.

And then…

It wasn’t. I began having this nagging feeling that something was missing. I imagine if you’ve landed here then you’ve had an intimate experience with the feeling I’m talking about. At first it was just a fleeting thought, but over time it grew into a feeling of emptiness that I just couldn’t shake. I knew I was ready for more—I just didn’t quite know what that looked like. After lots of silence & stillness, I decided that “more” looked like me traveling around the world. Alone. So that’s exactly what I did. I put teaching on hold, left my relationship, gave away or sold almost everything I owned, and bought a one-way ticket to Greece. Gutsy move, right? But I’m an all-in kind of gal.




The next 6 months were painted with novelty & rapture as I traveled around Western Europe and the Pacific Northwest in the US. I immersed myself in culture, history, and good food. I met incredible people who renewed my faith in humanity. I remained open to what my next move might be. I will admit I was completely lost in that in-between space… but sometimes that’s the best place to start. I trusted where I was being lead, even if the destination was fuzzy at best. My answer came late one night while I was camping in Santa Cruz. That voice in the back of your mind that you can only hear when you get really, really quiet whispered, “Go back to school.” Up until this point I hadn’t considered graduate school. Truth be told, while I’m a life-long learner, I struggled with the structure of formal education. But I asked for guidance and now I had something to go on. I packed up my things the next day and flew back to my hometown.

I immediately dove into researching graduate schools and settling back into the life I had left. During this time, as fate would have it, I met someone. A remarkable someone with big, brown eyes & the most admirable persistence & drive I’ve ever seen. He brought stability & confidence, and I brought my fun-loving, free-spirited nature. The Yang to my Yin. There was a kind of magnetic force between us. We were (and still are) drawn to each other in the most magical, beautiful way. The search for schools continued and the relationship sprouted wings.

Meanwhile, my travels had left me quite ill with ongoing digestive issues, which I battled for the next several years. After feeling “off” for such a long time, answers finally came when I began seeing a functional medicine doctor who took a more holistic approach to healing. I had seen a general practitioner who did blood work and told me I was completely fine, but I knew better. My connection with my body is one of my most precious gifts. I dug deeper and sought my own cure. I was diagnosed with SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth); a genetic mold illness; and overall inflammation, particularly around my heart. Only after implementing necessary changes in my diet and following a carefully concocted regimen of supplements & herbs did I begin to heal physically. I am insanely passionate about physical health; I know firsthand the distress that illness and mistreatment of the body can cause a person, as well as the determination that’s required to heal.

The beautiful-eyed guy and I got married. I studied Mindfulness in graduate school, and I followed up my postgraduate studies with an intensive, Positive Psychology-based training in personal & executive coaching through the CaPP Institute. All of my passions, from writing to mindfulness to teaching & coaching, have converged on this platform. My mission is to inspire & empower. I believe the most valuable thing we can do with our time here is to love. Whole-heartedly, unapologetically, without reservation. The many beautiful blessings & challenges I’ve been gifted in my life so far have delivered me here and boy has it been one wild ride!