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Dear Sweetness,

 The more I connect with my spiritual nature, the more I feel weighed down by my body. I feel like it’s holding me back. Is it normal to want to drop this physical body in order to ascend?

 Thank you,




Dear Tethered,

I’m intimately familiar with the struggle you’re speaking of. When I took a deep dive into Kundalini yoga, meditation, and other similar practices, I can remember feeling trapped in my body. A huge part of me wanted to figure out how to shed this physical vehicle that I felt was keeping me imprisoned. I wanted to ascend this Earth plane altogether and felt, as you say “tethered,” mostly by this heavy body that wouldn’t allow lift-off. I think in some cases this can produce anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. I didn’t feel that I belonged here, and I felt for a very long time that I was being punished in some way by being stuck here. I took care of my body, but under the surface I felt an ever-present annoyance with it.

I spent several years with this mindset. At some point, however, I realized that I am here for a reason. I’d been given a gift. By focusing all of my energy on getting out of here, I wasn’t honoring my purpose or carrying out my divine mission. I started to see my body for the miracle that it is. It allows me to be here, to experience this beautiful place, and to learn the lessons I came here to learn. I turned my attention towards self-care, loving my body, and healing. It’s amazing how, with intention, your perspective can shift very quickly. I had never really had a positive relationship with my body. I read somewhere that we go through three distinct phases—1. Trashing the body by allowing in toxins, making unhealthy sexual choices, etc.; 2. Feeling trapped in the body and having a strong desire to shed it; and 3. Truly loving the body we’ve been given & viewing it as sacred. I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but it certainly holds true in my own life.

I can say now though that my connection to Source is stronger than it’s ever been. I think a lot of this has to do with accepting my purpose and place on this earth & being committed to honoring it in the way that I show up in the world.

I believe that deep down we all have a desire to return “home.” But there’s a reason we made the choice to leave. Make no mistake… it’s a choice. You came here for a very specific purpose that only you can fulfill. My advice is to find out what that is and arrange your life to reflect that.


Knowing that you are here for a special purpose, how can you honor that by truly inhabiting your body in a healthy way? How can you strengthen your sacred connection to God through the temple you’ve been given? How can you begin to love your body for all that it is & all that it isn’t?

Lots of Love,


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