Ramblings on Nature & Surrender

It’s very windy outside today, but the sun is shining. I am immediately aware of my slight dissatisfaction with the wind. What is this urge to control? I want to turn down the wind, just a little bit, with the adjusting of a dial. Where did I get this idea that I could or should have control over such things as the weather? I think it’s in all of us to some extent. We think we should have control over every little thing, and we’ve designed a world that reflects this belief. The problem: We don’t know exactly what we want. And, in truth, we probably don’t really know what’s best. Certainly no more than God. Or Source. Or whatever word suits your fancy. But we’ve arrived at this place of thinking that we know. Does the world we look upon tell us that we humans have made all the right decisions? I think probably not. Yet we are hell bent for even more control. We have prefrontal cortexes. Yes. Score. But the ancient wisdom of nature, its simplicity and beauty, still reigns supreme, as it always has. The next time you’re “in it”, step outside and go for a walk. Take some time to be with the trees and the flowers and the birds. Report back.

Without trying to be anything other than what it is, the natural world exhibits the most profound strength, grounding, and peace. It doesn’t aim to control the tides or prevent the leaves from changing color, disappearing, and then reappearing. Do you remember as a child how fascinated you were with mud and rocks and gumballs? Somewhere along the way I’ve lost that and I want it back. No, not lost. Perhaps just covered up by endless expectations and shoulds. I’m not sure where I was going with this. Maybe just to encourage uninterrupted time outdoors.

Bask in the sun’s magic. Feel the breeze rivaling your hair on its good day. Swallow your shoulds and your conditions and your rules, ya bossy bitch. The nature of life is to change. Expand and contract. Rise and fall. From darkness to light. Beginning again and again and again.

The End.


Lots of Love,


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