Lovestruck on a Sunny Sunday Morning

Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt makes me feel like I’m sitting outside of a Parisian café. I am writing and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. Maybe I am drinking a café (as in coffee) and eating a buttery croissant drizzled with chocolate. Charles is reading and taking in the sights. We catch each other’s eyes and pause for a moment. We smile at each other. Not a bullshit smile. One of those smiles that says “I love all of you, I see you, I’m grateful for you, thank you for being here with me.” And my mind wanders…


Today is an incredibly beautiful day here at the beach. I am sitting on our third story balcony, writing and drinking a sparkling yerba mate. I am in love. I am surrounded by loving, supportive family. In this moment everything makes sense. I know it won’t always be easy, but I feel free. Even if just for a brief moment in time. I am in the driver’s seat, and I am grateful. This life. The current landscape is serene. All the trees and plants here seem happy. The beauty and simplicity of life is so often missed. In this moment though, I am present with it. I think about people all over the world. I know there is war and pain and heartache, but I see love. Random acts of kindness, smiles, families, birds and dolphins, mothers taking care of their young, mountains, success, books, innovation, hope, encouragement, cheesy pizza, a lone tree atop a sun-kissed hill, getting back up again, movement and sweat, the big, open sky, blue, breath, fighting to live, the children of tomorrow who will change the world, a big goblet of red, red wine, sandcastles, snowmen, laughter, green, mighty trees full of ancient wisdom, the voice of an angel, coming home, forgiveness, the power of mushrooms, receiving, passion, dancing, cultural pride, beards, deep kisses, fiddle playing fools, the sunset over the ocean, courage to share your gifts, trust, lanterns, fall sweaters, a full moon, chapstick, exploring new lands, the comfort of a friend, the smell of lavender, Mother Earth’s magic, chocolate and salt, the passing down of traditions, vulnerability, the smell of pine in winter, selflessness, thoughtfulness, surprises, rescuing animals, reconciliation, birthday cake, music that makes you feel, the color sage, burning sage, swimming naked, food trucks, snowfall, the silence of the woods, getting out of your comfort zone, the love between a parent and child. The world is full of miracles. The world is full of kindness. Adventure awaits. Synchronicity. The moment the interconnectedness of all things reveals itself. Writing makes me so happy. It feels like home. It feels like my purpose. I will allow it to unfold. I will always wield the pen. I will challenge myself to share. I will know my worth. I will trust my purpose. I will have faith. I will accept my strengths. I will be kind but also honest. I will be loud. I will speak for those whose voices are hushed. I will inspire. I will encourage. I will feel. I will travel. I will count my blessings. I will listen. I will lead and also follow. I will dwell in my center. I will be humble. I will learn from others. I will see other’s beauty without envy. I will create. I will continue to evolve. I will move when called. I will rest when needed. I will love with every ounce of my being.


Lots of Love,


2 thoughts on “Lovestruck on a Sunny Sunday Morning

  1. This brought me to tears. I love your soul megs. I am forever grateful for you as my sister. Also, your word of the month “forgiveness” happens to be the card I keep pulling from my oracle deck over and over.

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