He will do the accountant thing. I will become a mother and a writer and a teacher. We will travel. We will be a power couple. We will have nice things but our things won’t own us. We will do nice things for other people. We will make a positive impact in our community and the world at large. We will support each other and lift each other up. We will always be this in love. We will live in gratitude. We will grow and influence. We will give back. We will raise children who will radically change the world for the better. We will support our children in all ways. We will create a family that revolves around unconditional love. We will honor nature and spend lots of time outdoors. We will eat to nourish our strong bodies and minds. We will remain active and playful. We will have our own hobbies. We will build a beautiful home together. We will take care of each other. We will keep a healthy body, mind, and spirit. We will teach each other. We will know how blessed we are. We will be confident and take risks. We will honor our relationship with each other. We will honor our relationship with ourselves. We will fly. We will shine. We will make sacrifices. We will be rewarded. We will see the world and all the animals. We will respect the Earth. We will grow food. We will laugh. We will protect. We will be mindful. We will support people and businesses we believe in. We will teach our children what it means to be good and kind. We will have faith. We will trust. We will know we are supported in all we do. We will challenge ourselves. We will see the beauty all around. We will try new things. We will have great friends. We will know balance. We will swim with dolphins. We will read books. I will write books. We will experience life through all of our senses. We will live well. We will drop expectations, fear, and jealousy. We will forever follow our passions. We will really listen to each other. We will really kiss each other. We will touch each other’s skin, each time like it was the first. We will surprise each other. We will know our worth. We will be gentle. We will make tough decisions. We will smile at the end of each day. We will cry and we will laugh. We will know pain and joy and hope. We will watch our children grow up. We will see our family grow. We will grow old together. We will become old hippies. We will have chickens and goats and dogs and cats. We will stare deeply into each other’s eyes. We will feel the love that’s been there from the beginning. We will be proud. We will be grateful for our accomplishments. We will learn to play an instrument. We will have naked Thursdays. We will still be drinking pinot noir. We will be saggy and soft and beautiful. We will reminisce. We will take our Sunday walks hand in hand. We will look back on our lives and know that our love was real and pure. We will leave this place together.

As I finish writing, tears stream down my face. There is snow on the ground. A sweet orange aroma fills the air. Instruments are playing in tune. My heart is full. So unbelievably full.


Lots of Love,


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